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Implementation of accounting system

A system is essential for the smooth running of the organization and the character formation of the business. We help to develop a system which compliance with the rules of government, accounting principle and procedures required to achieve the objectives of our clients. It is an important factor preparing a blue print by learning about the practicalities of any system before implementation. The process going thru various stages as below

  1. Design System
  2. An accounting method is envisioned according to the nature and needs of the business entity.

  3. Setup Standards & Procedures
  4. As part of bringing uniformity to the documents and fostering professionalism among the staff, specific criteria for adoption and documentation are set and procedures are prepared in such a way that they can be easily understood and followed by all.

  5. Update Records
  6. Update daily business transaction documents as per the norms and record them in the software.

  7. Monitor & Review
  8. The accuracy of recorded transactions is verified and monitored frequently.

  9. Generate Reports
  10. Generate the required reports to know the growth rate of the business.

In house reporting

Reports are essential to know is our efforts are converted to positive results. Understand from the experience, work for the present and plan for the future, we need reports on various levels. The revenue and expenditure figures of the organization are prepared every month and informed to the management in a timely manner. Reports such as Income statement, Balance sheet, Sales Report, Inventory details, VAT Return Reports etc.

Payroll Accounting

Flawless pay distribution is essential to gain the credibility of the workers. We are here to provide you a better payroll system, we prepare your employees salary and allowances based on your work contracts. Also the WPS file preparation and uploading available for on special request.

Inventory Management

Inventory is an important area of a business unit and it has to be managed in a proper way. If we don’t have idea of an item available or not, we cannot sell it. We ensures accurate recording of goods all the way from the time of arrival at the establishment until the completion of the sale. Special attention is paid to the pricing of goods and the design of the base unit so as to avoid stock variations. The stock value is checked and confirmed through physical inventory over the years.

Bookkeeping Services

We keep records of financial transactions and preparing financial statements such as Income statements and balance sheets for our clients.

  1. General Ledger Accounting
  2. Right transactions in right account, we prepare the chart of accounts for our clients based on their nature of business. All the transactions of the firm are recorded and kept according to the accounting principle.

  3. Account Receivable & Payable Management
  4. Cash liquidity is very important for each business; we are providing a healthy cash flow by tracking account receivables and account payables frequently.

  5. Fixed Asset management
  6. A systematic way of accounting facilitates easy tracking of assets such as location, preventive maintenance, and theft deterrence. We here to manage your assets in a professional way which compliance with zakat rules.

  7. Account Reconciliations
  8. Accounts to be reconciled frequently to avoid discrepancies especially with banks, customers & suppliers. Balance confirmations also maintained for the purpose of zakat submission.